Felt Floor Protectors

Our Felt Floor Protectors

Lifetime Guarantee
  • Have super sticky adhesive
  • Cushion, protect, and slide
  • No nails involved
  • Prevent scratching and denting

furniture buffers pack of 144

The Jumbo Pack

The Jumbo Pack has $57.88 in Furniture Pad Sizes
Our Jumbo Pack is a variety of felt floor protectors that contain every size of pad you need.

From extremely large to very small, every size felt pad is inside.

We added up all the sizes in The Jumbo Pack and priced them out based on our competitor prices and the total retail cost comes to $57.88!

Our price: $19.99!

Remember, go by the size variety, not just the total number of pieces.

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8 Different Sizes of Pads

The Jumbo Pack has everything you need.

Small, Medium, and Large

All the sizes you need to protect your home.
12 – 2.75 inch x 2.75 inch Square Felt Pads
12 – 2 inch (51 mm) Circle Felt Pads
20 – 1.5 inch (38 mm) Circle Felt Pads
20 – 1.2 inch (30 mm) Circle Felt Pads
36 – 1 inch (25 mm) Circle Felt Pads
24 – 0.75 inch (19 mm) Circle Felt Pads
20 – 0.5 inch (12 mm) Circle Felt Pads

All pads are .15 inches (4 mm) thick.

As an extra bonus, we added 2 BIG rectangle sheets so you can cut out and customize any size pad you need.

2 – 4.5 inch x 6 inch Rectangle Felt Sheets

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couch felt pads for hard floors

What Our Customers Are Saying

“This package of pads just keeps on giving. We recently had wood floors installed and had to put the pads under all our furniture. The size variety really came in handy. So far they have stayed on the furniture and seem pretty durable. Would buy again.”

CindyAmazon Customer Review on January 11, 2017

“Does exactly what you would expect, nothing less. My only complaint is that my wife won’t stop putting them on unnecessary items. I understand she doesn’t want the dog scratching up the floor, but come on.”

Austin MercerAmazon Customer Review on December 21, 2016

“Really stick well!! So well that if you don’t get them on correctlymthe first time you’ll have a heck of a time getting them off!”

ColieAmazon Customer Review on November 29, 2016

“I moved to a house with hardwood floors, and these things are mandatory there. I found these through random searching, they were a good price, and work an absolute treat. They protect the floors, and as a lovely bonus, make even heavy furniture slide around like it was on ice. The pack comes with enough sizes and shapes to fit just about anything. I would absolutely order these again.”

LondonnoiseAmazon Customer Review on January 11, 2016

Our 24 Pack of Felt Pads

best felt floor protectors

Our Jumbo Pack

furniture buffers pack of 144

Our 24 Pack of Foam Pads


Our Felt Pads are the Best

Premium isn’t a label, it’s the standard we set

Sticky as Syrup Adhesive

They’re going to stick.
Have you ever got syrup on your hand?

That’s how sticky our self-adhesive backing is. And that means everything with floor protectors because they must STICK!

If you touched your index finger to the exposed pad to the right, you’d lift up the entire sheet – We’re talking seriously sticky!

We also use an ultra compressed felt so every pad is firm (and dense) but also super soft up against your floors.

Our felt pads are also designated as Medium-Slide meaning they’re not made as gliders but they are soft enough that you can slide most heavy furniture with them.

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protection for hardwood floors

super sticky self adhesive

Hardwood Floor and Surface Protection

Save Your Floors
Hardwood, linoleum, tile, granite, vinyl, and other hard floors and surfaces are protected from scratches with Furniture Buffers.

Whether you want to cover small bar stool legs or big kitchen table legs, or huge sofa chair legs, the Jumbo Pack has you covered.

If you have a hard surface, don’t risk damage, cover your furniture, appliances, and decor with our felt and/or foam.

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