Furniture Leg Stabilizers

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After a long time using, you may notice that your wooden furniture like your chair or table has developed a wobble. Putting some thick-enough objects such as a magazine under the wobbly chair is normally a quick fix many people do. However, this is not a permanent solution and can cause you lots of hassles when you want to move the object.

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Furniture Buffers provides a much more reliable, easy-to-do solution to level your wobbly furniture. Say goodbye to those pesky wobbly problems by using our products. You can now brace the wobbly table yourself in a few minutes using our products.

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Why Choosing the Furniture Stabilizers by Furniture Buffers

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Our pads are extremely sticky.

Once being placed onto the object leg, it will just stay there. You can move the table or chair freely without worrying the pad will come out.

Our products are made of top quality materials in the industry.
Our stabilizer pads have 100% lifetime guarantee.

We’re proud of having the top of the line products, and we’ll be ready to replace or refund you if something your buy from us doesn’t work.

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How To Stop Your Table From Shaking

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Uneven table legs often make the table shaky and hard to use. Our fixing pads are specifically designed to do the job. Simply tilt your table or chair, find the leg that has the wobbly problem, apply the pad with the suitable size under it and you’re good to go.

Our chair stabilizer product package comes into 8 different sizes so choosing the right size for your table or chair leg won’t be a big challenge.

The small pad will adhere to the leg surface perfectly, leveling the furniture as you wish. Our table wobble stoppers also work great if you wish to level a table on an uneven floor.

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Built for use in both residential and commercial environment, our table wobble stoppers
are incredibly easy to install. We stand out from our competitors for the high product quality, the ultra compressed material, and the truly wobble free experience we can provide to our customers.

For more furniture pads solutions, feel free to visit our homepage at

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