Wall Protectors

It is a nightmare of homeowners to see the paint scratches on the walls caused by the back of the furniture in their home. It just takes lots of time to repaint your wall whenever you find scratches on it.

We Furniture Buffers offer a very effective preventative solution that helps you protect your wall paint from furniture. You can now stop the furniture from hitting the walls simply by adding our protective pads to the furniture.

Product Application

Stopping the door handles or door knobs from scratching your walls

Many people have the habit of swing doors open and slamming them shut, which create noise pollution and scratches on the wall spots where the knobs hit. Our products work great as door knob wall protectors.

The products work by simply serving a stop for the door knobs. The knobs will stop when reaching these protective pads, thus won’t leave any marks on the walls.

The pads can be installed on the walls or on the knobs.

Protecting the walls from being damaged by the back of the chair or couch

The back of some furniture such as chairs or couches frequently scratches your interior walls. By placing a quality protective pad on the back of the furniture object, you can prevent this from happening.

Our wall protectors are the stickiest self adhesive in the industry. Once the pads have been applied to the surface, they won’t easily slide out.

Preventing photo frames from marring your walls.

Our self-stick picture frame pads are installed on the back side of the frames at the bottom corners. These small pads provide many advantages: it helps level the frame, space the frame from the wall, minimize the dust on the frame, and protect the walls behind them.

How To Use These Wall Guard Pads?

  • It’s effortless to use these wall protectors from furniture. Choose the right-size pad from our pack, and place it on the back of your furniture object. It will self adhere to the object perfectly.
  • It is an ease to order and install the wall protectors from Furniture Buffers. We provide lifetime guarantee for our products.

Our pads are made of rugged materials and are soft enough to not leave any unwanted marks on your walls.

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