Laptop Cooling Feet

Keeping the laptop cool when running is vital to extend its lifespan. A pricey laptop desk is not the only solution for you to keep cool for your device.

Furniture Buffers offers a very affordable and super-portable solution to combat the overheating issue. Our laptop cooling feet are made of soft but rugged quality material that will last for years.

Benefits of Using our Laptop Ventilation Pads

Prevent your device from suffering heat stroke.

The products work by evenly lifting your laptop from the surface, allowing air flow to circulate and heat to escape.

The ‘feet’ are sticky.

After being installed onto the surface under your laptop, the pads will stay self adhesive. You can move your laptop freely without worrying that they pads will come out.

The laptop cooling pads are totally removable.

While the pads are sticky for movement, they are easy to remove if you want to. No complicated setups required. It will take you just a few minutes to place the pads properly under your laptop corners.

The cooling feet are lightweight

The pads are small and lightweight, making them perfect accessories to bring with your laptop when you need to go out.

Product Application

  • Putting under laptops for better airflow and heat reduction
  • Placing under other electronics such as DVDs, radio, audio equipment to provide vibration resistance and allow air flow into the units.

Furniture Buffers provide a quick, affordable and effective solution for you to ensure your devices won’t get overheated when being used for long hours.

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