Felt Furniture Pads

  • Will NOT come off furniture legs
  • Does NOT leave marks
  • Super EASY peel and stick
  • STOPS noise pollution

the jumbo pack

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protect your hardwood floors

Here’s a secret:

We added up all the sizes (see below) in The Jumbo Pack and priced them out based on what our competitors charged for the same size floor protectors and the total comes to $57.88!

Our price: $19.99!

Pro Tip: Don’t go by just the count, look at the variety of sizes inside and the different sizes of your furniture legs.

Buy The Jumbo Packon Amazon.

12 – 2.75 inch x 2.75 inch Square Felt Pads
12 – 2 inch (51 mm) Circle Felt Pads
20 – 1.5 inch (38 mm) Circle Felt Pads
20 – 1.2 inch (30 mm) Circle Felt Pads
36 – 1 inch (25 mm) Circle Felt Pads
24 – 0.75 inch (19 mm) Circle Felt Pads
20 – 0.5 inch (12 mm) Circle Felt Pads

All pads are .15 inches (4 mm) thick.

As an extra bonus, we added 2 BIG rectangle sheets so you can cut out and customize any size pad you need.

2 – 4.5 inch x 6 inch Rectangle Felt Sheets

Buy The Jumbo Pack on Amazon.

No other felt furniture pads come close.

Felt Pads Can Slide

We call our felt pads medium-slide because you can push heavy furniture on smooth surfaces when they’re underneath.

Customers love us. You will too. If you can, please leave us a 5 star review when you see what our product can do.

No tools necessary, just pull and peel and stick where you want them. Want to make a custom furniture pad? All you need is scissors. Peace and Quiet

No more chair screetching and scratching. Our pads deaden the noise and you can even use them to stop cabinet banging.

Our pads are manufactured with super compressed felt so they stay soft but firm and not frizzy.
This package of pads just keeps on giving. We recently had wood floors installed and had to put the pads under all our furniture. The size variety really came in handy. So far they have stayed on the furniture and seem pretty durable. Would buy again.”

“Does exactly what you would expect, nothing less. My only complaint is that my wife won’t stop putting them on unnecessary items. I understand she doesn’t want the dog scratching up the floor, but come on.”

“Really stick well!! So well that if you don’t get them on correctlymthe first time you’ll have a heck of a time getting them off

“I moved to a house with hardwood floors, and these things are mandatory there. I found these through random searching, they were a good price, and work an absolute treat. They protect the floors, and as a lovely bonus, make even heavy furniture slide around like it was on ice. The pack comes with enough sizes and shapes to fit just about anything. I would absolutely order these again.”

Our reduced slip, non-slip pads aren’t just for floors.

They can cushion electronics, kitchen appliances, laptops, picture frames, and other household items.

This protects both the surface (such as kitchen countertops and entertainment centers) and the item.

You can also use our foam pads as stabilizers or shims for uneven chair or table legs.

We all know not to rest our laptop on a blanket or couch but laptops have trouble breathing even on desks.

With a few foam cushions, you can comfortably rest your laptop on any hard surface.

This also raises your laptop just high enough so that air can pass through which prevents overheating, loud fan noises, and keeps your computer cool.

Have you ever got syrup on your hand?

That’s how sticky our self-adhesive backing is. And that means everything with floor protectors because they must STICK!

If you touched your index finger to the exposed pad to the right, you’d lift up the entire sheet – We’re talking seriously sticky!

We also use an ultra compressed felt so every pad is firm (and dense) but also super soft up against your floors.

Our felt pads are also designated as Medium-Slide meaning they’re not made as gliders but they are soft enough that you can slide most heavy furniture with them.

Hardwood, linoleum, tile, granite, vinyl, and other hard floors and surfaces are protected from scratches with Furniture Buffers.

Whether you want to cover small bar stool legs or big kitchen table legs, or huge sofa chair legs, the Jumbo Pack has you covered.

If you have a hard surface, don’t risk damage, cover your furniture, appliances, and decor with our felt and/or foam.

Learn more about how to properly and stylishly protect your flooring, decor, appliances, furnishings, and more. Start with our felt pads and floor protectors. Our non-slip rubber-foam pads can act as buffers, shims, spacers, cushions, stabilizers, and even quick fixes for wobbly table legs.

Want to learn more about protecting your home investments? Read our guide on preventing hardwood floor scratches with a few extra bonus tidbits. We’ve put together another resource page on protecting hardwood floors with even more clever strategies on keeping your finish perfect.

Preventative Care Works

Most times we are reactive and only think to protect our floors after they have a large, deep scratch engraved in the beautiful finish. As a company, we embody a proactive approach to preserving the home. There’s no charm in scrapes, markings, and dents.

Thus, it’s best to overcompensate with premium floor protectors before anything bad happens to your hardwood flooring or other hard surfaces: laminate, marble, tile, bamboo, etc.

Our chair leg protectors (of course they work for tables, beds, desks, dressers, chests, armoires, couches, and sofas as well) confirm your level of dedication to scratch prevention. Why even risk it?

With our Jumbo Pack, you can practically line the legs of every piece in your house and create that all important layer of separation between your beautiful floor and your decorative (and sometimes utilitarian) furniture and decor.

Even if your floors, hardwood or otherwise, contain a blemish, it’s better late than never to start protecting. 10 light scratches looks a lot better than 100. Who knows, you may be even able to restore your finish with some of the better restoration kits available.

And let’s not forget about noise pollution. With our line of products, it’s not all about aesthetics – the benefit is also in the noise reduction.

Noise pollution is something that materially affects our peace and serenity. It’s disrupting and abrupt to hear a wood chair grind out from under a table.

Replace that image with nothingness. When you’ve got a soft layer of fabric scooting underneath you, it’s almost silent. No one will even hear you sliding around.

Our products are not sliders per se but, other than our non-slips, we do dub our protectors to have medium slide capability because they can glide across floors with a little force.

This video from our YouTube channel illustrates just how easy it is to glide:

We sometimes get asked if we’ll ever sell nail or tack-on padding accessories and while we did consider it, we think the answer is no.

The problem is we’ve heard of our competitors having problems with the nails being punched out of the base and pushed back into the floor and digging deep and leaving huge scratches.

To be fair, customers may not be following the instructions correctly but the mere fact that it can happen makes us very concerned that it will. And when you’re in the floor and home furnishing protection business, bringing a nail into the mix is a risky proposition.

Will tacks generally stick better to the bottom of chairs? Absolutely. The only way the felt is coming off is if it breaks off after being fragmented from the nail going right down the middle.

However, we’d prefer to err on the side of caution (which is really our company mantra) and so we’d rather just use a super sticky adhesive to stay attached. If our products contain no tack, there can be no scratch on our side.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend our variety pack because it’s such a good value. You can cover everything to your heart’s desire and then close the box and put the rest away for later.

Whether your table, chair legs, etc. are large or small, .5” or 2.5”, the Jumbo Pack covers them all. You can even create your own custom protectors with just a pair of scissors.

All Sorts of Practical Uses

Between our non-slip and felt pads, there are so many creative ways to use them.

We have one customer who bulk orders 300 units for his auto shop in California.

But another use inside the home is stopping cabinet doors from slamming.

We prefer the non-slip, foam type for this. All you have to do is cut the circles into 4 pieces and then stick the 90 degree angle flush against the edge of the cabinet door and voila! – no more cabinet door banging.

Here’s another YouTube video to illustrate how it works (and how effective it is):

The buffers greatly reduced the banging noise. Of course, the felt deadens the wood on wood impact as well, making for a much more quiet kitchen.

The non slips are also great for raising laptops off of surfaces so they can get some breathing room and ventilation.

Most laptops are trapped against the surface they rest on and so airflow is horrible. If only you could raise the laptop slightly without interfering with the ergonomics of typing on your keyboard, right?

Put a non-flip spacer underneath all four corners of your computer and air flow is instantly available while the difference in where your hands rest is negligible.

Your laptop stays cooler and doesn’t get overheated which allows for better performance and a longer lasting machine.

The number of ways you can use our product doesn’t stop there! How do you use our home miracle workers? What other creative ideas can you think of?

Email or call us, we’d love to hear from you.

We believe we have the best floor protectors in the home accessory industry but if, in your personal review, you’re ever not satisfied with our product, please let us know and you will be promptly taken care of.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that we are proud of and never shy away from.

We’re an ethical company with high quality products that we firmly stand behind.

Our promise and guarantee is this: If you’re ever not satisfied, let us know what happened and we’ll issue you a 100% refund on the price you paid.

We really do care about our customers. Do you have a story to share on how we saved your home’s bacon or improved your home experience somehow?

Maybe you got your Frank Costanza, “serenity now” moment after buying from us – if so, send in a review or testimonial so we can let everyone else now how beneficial our surface and floor protectors can be.

We love getting good reviews because they show us we’re on the right track so, again, don’t hesitate to write in and let us know how everything is working out after your purchase.

Oh – and we’re not just talking to home improvement fans. Commercial businesses like restaurants are also welcome to contact us. We can even accommodate bulk orders if order in large, wholesale quantity.

Contact us at the information below if you have a question about a large order.

Message us on Facebook, call our 1-800 number or email us. We’d love to hear from you. Feedback, both constructive and supportive, bad and good is always welcome.

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