Door Stoppers

The noise created when someone slams a door is annoying for many people. That slamming sound disturbs the sleep of other people in your family, especially if there are babies in your house. It shortens the life of the door as well. Have you found a solution for this problem yet?

Furniture Buffers introduces a quick yet effective fix for this. Our door stopper pack consists of 8 different pad sizes so you can easily find a pad that matches your knob or handle size.

Benefits of Using Our Door Guard Products

Protect your walls from scratches

Door slamming over time leaves dirty marks and scratches on your walls. Using our door knob wall protectors help prevent this from happening.

The product works by creating a stop for the knob and prevent it from hitting the walls.

Easy installation and removal process

No tools needed during the setup or removal process.

Firmly adhere to the walls

Our wall protector pads are sticky. They can hardly fall off unless you remove them.

Widely Applicable

The door knob blockers by Furniture Buffers can be mounted on different types of wall surfaces. No matter what your wall surface is, the products will be adhesive to it.

How to Use Our Wall Mounted Door Accessories

You simply need to peel the backside membrane and place it on the wall location where the door handle or knob often contacts it.

The pad can be placed on either the knob or the wall. They will work like a charm.

Our products also work perfectly as cabinet door pads. Just stick them to the bottom corner of your cabinet door and they will minimize the noise made by that door when being slam shut.

We have a full range of furniture pads products. If you’re interested please check out our homepage.