Furniture Bumpers

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Bumpers are pads that were specifically designed to prevent floor scratches from furniture. These furniture protectors are made to work with an endless number of appliances in your home.

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How are they useful to your home?

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Slamming noise Reduction

Door slamming noise is irritating for many people. Our pads reduce friction and slamming noise when you close furniture items like the kitchen cabinets or the bath vanities.

Furniture Buffers provide a wide range of cabinet doors and drawers protectors. The products will take just a few minutes to install. Our dampening door accessories are the first choice of people who are looking for a solution to stop the slamming noise the cabinet doors make.

Extending cabinet doors lifespan
Stopping small appliances to slide and scratch your fine furniture finishes.

You can place the pads under the lamps, coffee tables, vases or other small appliances.

Bumpers work as a guard against surface damage.

Found on modern picture frames.

On modern picture frames, the pads are often added to avoid damaging the walls behind.

If the picture frames in your home don’t have this accessory, you can place the self-adhesive pads yourself. These pads protect your walls from marks and scratches while keeping your photo frame level.

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Protect furniture from Dents and Scratches

Furniture bumpers are made of high-quality fabric that provides cushioning or padding to furniture. They help to reduce scratches, bumping, and dents, particularly when moving to a new home. Home movers often wrap them around furniture and other vulnerable items to keep them secure from accidental bumps and dents.

Furniture bumpers come in various types and you can choose one depending on the fabric used and the level of protection you want for your furniture.

Safeguard Floors and Carpets from Scrapes

Furniture bumpers come with strong self-adhesive materials that can be applied to the legs of kitchen cabinets, office accessories, bath vanities, furniture, computers and other electronics. All you need to do is to peel off the adhesive sheet and stick them to your items to create a non-skid, and non-scratch surface.

Bumpers can be applied around the rails or existing glides on stackable chairs to cut down friction and eradicate floor damage. Besides, furniture pads also offer protection to furniture and other stuff from damage by hard floors.

They Reduce Noise Associated with Gliding Furniture

Protective furniture pads potentially eliminate screechy sounds made by gliding furniture, particularly on smooth surfaces. They work pretty well in stopping inadvertent scratching which is common during home moving or cleaning tasks.

They can also be applied to door bumpers on drawers and cabinets to stop noise during slamming. Additionally, they also help to prevent doors from banging into walls. Door banging can cause holes and gouges when a door handle hits on the wall which can cause unattractive and unnecessary wear and tear.

Reduce Stress and Prevent Loosening Around Furniture Joints

Apart from protecting furniture from scratches, dents and bumping, bumpers also help to prevent loosening at the furniture joint sections. This is a common problem that happens particularly when lifting and dropping heavy furniture.

Furniture pads are often applied at the joints to cushion and keep them tight. They allow furniture to glide easily and eliminate stiffness. They are even beneficial to fragile furniture and other objects that are vulnerable to damage.

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Prevent Large Items from Falling Over

During home moving, furniture and other stuff are often stuck on one another. For added safety, furniture bumpers can be placed between them to prevent sliding and falling.

This allows movers to stuck several items on one another to make moving safe and efficient.

Eliminate Rust Stains and Related Damage

Furniture with metallic legs often suffers from rust around the edges. Rust commonly attacks the furniture placed on wet or moist floors.

These pads can be applied to the contact sections between the furniture and floor to prevent rusting. This helps to increase the durability of furniture and prevent early replacement.

Absorb Shock and Reduce Vibration in Furniture

Sliding furniture often causes a lot of vibration which can reduce their durability.

In most cases, furniture bumpers are used to cushion such vibration and prevent unnecessary shock that may cause breakage. Most of them are made of thick and flexible materials that come with easy peel-and-stick backs. They can also be placed under heavy home machines such as washers.

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Product Application

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  • Reducing slamming noise when closing the cabinets
  • Rising electronics to keep them cool
  • Preventing surface scratches when moving furniture
  • Being used in automotive applications
  • Mounting picture frames

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Furniture Buffers provide the absolute best sticky pads to protect your home. There are 8 Different Sizes of clear adhesive pads for protecting cabinets, wood, and furniture. Our products are high quality and will go a long way in protecting furniture and floors throughout your home.

You can learn more about felt pads for furniture by visiting our homepage.

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