Furniture Sliders

Furniture Buffers offer an innovative way to move your furniture. Our furniture sliders come into 8 different sizes and are perfectly designed to fit any of your home furniture and appliances.

How are they useful to your home?

Protecting you from being injured when moving furniture around your home

Without using the furniture sliders, you will have lots of difficulties moving heavy objects in your home. You’ll need help from others. What’s more, the heavier the object, the more possibility that you can get injured while doing the moving job.

Furniture gliders are moving miracles. They work perfectly as a sliding base for the furniture to move with ease.

Minimizing the risk of damaging your carpet or floor while moving furniture

Moving heavy furniture around your home often leave unwanted marks or scratches on your carpet or floor.

This won’t happen if you use our furniture sliders. Once being installed, our products will make the moving process smooth without damaging your floor.

Make house cleaning or re-decorating jobs much easier.

Cleaning dirty spots under tables or cabinets is no longer a challenging job with the furniture skids we provide. Simply install the moving pads under the objects, then smoothly glide the objects and do the easy cleaning job.

Product Application

  • Ideal for moving furniture like tables, sofas, cabinets, chairs, bookcases and more
    You can do the moving job yourself without any additional help with these handy furniture moving pads.

Check out the video on the left to see how easy it is to move the chair using our gliding pads.

Furniture Buffers offer the help you need when moving things around your home. Our products are perfectly designed to handle the furniture moving process without causing any damages to your carpet or floor.

Our products are the best choice if you’re thinking of a handy furniture moving solution.

Our furniture moving slides are thoughtfully designed and come in 8 different sizes to fit your different furniture objects.

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